Strato Volcano Strato volcano is the type of volcano with the cone shape, and constructed by the repeated of activity of explosive and extrusive. Merapi mount is active strato volcano in the South East Asia in the line of Tectonic of The Indonesian region. Strato volcanoes […]

Natural Resources The wealth of natural resources near you is amazing. Natural resources near you explain that there were many prospect of economic resources. Natural resources including stones, water and trees around you are a potential source of nature for you. In there, not only […]

Granite Rocks The rocks has a result of solidification of magmatic melt. So that there is a texture and structure. 24×24 Granite Tile Best For Floor with the best texture you can find out. First step for your choose is the how texture of granite. […]

Granite Rocks On the earth’s surface , there are many rocks types known.  Some of theme Granite, Diorite, Gabro and Basalt. Granite and tile store information will touch to talk related this issues. I am sure that plenty of granite already used by housing construction. But […]