Galena And Quartz In The Nature

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Galena in the nature

Galena in the natureIn nature the minerals were show as spot part of the formation. This can be a part of igneous rocks and or metamorphic. Mineral galena often in the zone of hydrothermal process.  These minerals appear along with hydrothermal formations in nature. But also with pyrite and chalcopyrite, although not united places. Much of the existence of this galena becomes a hint for gold in a prospect region. But not always have to find galena in this gold zone.

Galena And Quartz In The Nature

In nature, especially areas of mineral potential are found many interesting signs. One sign of the process of cooking gold is the presence of pathfinder minerals.

These minerals are generally only slightly, spot only in rocks. In reality in the rock formations can be seen on the magnification glass scale of more than 10 x.  Even with the loupe as new as 20x will appear as a certain mineral.
It is hard to find, except one thing is coincidence or indeed expert in this field of profession.