Merapi Mount Is Volcano In Hot Spot?

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Strato Volcano

Merapi Mount Is Volcano In Hot SpotMerapi Mount Is Volcano In Hot Spot? During just now active. Strato volcanoes are types of volcanoes are cone-shaped, tapered, formed from the results of explosive volcanism or extrusif activities as continuously. If the cross section can be seen in the form of volcanic rock layers as layer of strato. The presence of this layer repeatedly described the activities of the volcano never still and time lapse can be learned.

As shown in map of Central Java , that there is a lining of volcano from the North of Central Java up to The South.  These mount is Muria, Sindoro, Sumbing, Merbabu and Merapi.

Hot Spot

Hot spot, is the Centre of the heat seems to be at a certain position in the bottom of the crust. While continuously removing the hot magma to the surface into a Volcano. Forming a Volcano linning.

Does the Mount Muria, mount Sindoro, mount Sumbing and Mount Merbabu and  Merapi as the result of a Hot Spot? Those in the lining pattern.
Should be on the review first before answering the questions. If all existing mountain became a hot spot results, then of course the nature of the resulting rock is the same.

Why is this so?
Because this process generated Volkano Hot Spot, where the source of magmanya the same, Simply moving Tectonic plate. By the same source of magma , so that will caused the same characteristic of volcano.