Skin Care My Mom Traditional

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Skin Care

Skin Care My mother has been in habit since the days of her ancestors. Skin Care My Mom Traditional. My Mom doing Maintain the skin, keep the skin to keep it smooth, fresh and clear, it must be done. therefore it is now well known in the market of various types of soaps, masks, scrubs and leather topical oils. Not only now since ancient times, ancestors have used white clay as a protective skin from the sun.
This annihilation has been going on in ancient times. Even mixed with herbal ingredients from the forest.That is then the ancients always look fresh, and healthy skin. Especially people who include nobility, there is always custom or bathing habits. Wear traditional body masks and treatments.

It’s just the difference in the era now, all that is packaged in a modern form. So it looks luxurious and impressive interesting. But the material is the same principle.

Skin Care My Mom Traditional

Habit of good relics that continue so that my sister is female. Perhaps this is a tradition of the past for women in maintaining her beauty. It is a very positive tradition. Skin care my mom traditional is routine in my family.