Skin Care Routine Herbal

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Skin Care

Skin care routine herbal

Skin blob is not just owned by adults only. In fact it has long since used cold powder is used in children regularly every bath. This habit provides very positive benefits to the skin. The skin always becomes protected from the heat of the sun, or insect bites.
Now many skin care products are good and easy to buy at the store. But in ancient times still traditionally with your own manually own each family.

Although many differences and more practical and advanced and in better packing. However, skin care products in the village are still widely used. As for use by girls or teenagers in the village when the heat stings.



Skin Care Routine Herbal

Skin Care Routine HerbalFor young women moreover, they prefer to use local products from their ancestors. This happened in the village village, for the reason that it was cheap and easy to get. Of course this situation has been proven since ancient times first. Something good habits, will be followed by descendants.

The best known product is the cold powder produced locally only. In fact it can still survive so now. Although many products are sold in the public market. Maybe from korean products, or whichever is more modern.